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Environmental Policy

Stanley House accepts its responsibility to protect, wherever possible, the environment.

Stanley House Environmental Policy

Stanley House acknowledges the role it has to play in protecting the environment and as such recognises the need for the principles of responsible environmental management and sustainable development to become an integral part of its day-to-day activities and future strategic planning. We work with all our service providers to keep our carbon footprint low has possible.

The Hotel has identified the following key areas which need to be controlled together with goals that must be achieved if its environmental aims are to be realised.

It is therefore committed to:

  • Applying the principles of sustainable development in both present and future decisions.
  • Identifying the significant environmental impacts arising from its activities.
  • Reducing, and where practicable, eliminating any adverse impacts on the environment, which could arise through its activities.
  • Adopting environmental management systems and procedures to maximise environmental standards.
  • Minimising the potential outcomes that could result from waste production, and poorly managed energy and water use.
  • Conserving energy, water and other resources to reduce CO2 emissions levels.
  • Promoting the efficient reuse and recycling of materials.
  • Minimising the amount of waste that the Company produces.
  • Reducing and where practicable preventing pollution.
  • Diligently exercising a ‘duty of care’ to ensure responsible and lawful disposal of all waste produced.
  • Reducing the impact of transport on the local environment arising from vehicles brought onto the Company’s sites.
  • Complying with, and wherever practical, exceeding the requirements of all applicable environmental legal requirements.
  • Measuring environmental performance in terms of meeting environmental objectives and targets. A typical performance indicator would be the hotels energy bills.
  • Striving to continually improve environmental performance through a series of realistic objectives and targets with appropriate performance indicators. Such as reduced waste, increased recycling and reducing energy consumption.
  • Considering future environmental factors in respect of the Company’s possible future expansion, and seeking where practical to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Providing the resources required for the effective implementation of this policy and using them efficiently through promoting the policy of using sustainable resources, by discouraging wasteful practices, and by setting targets through monitoring environmental programmes.
  • Raising awareness amongst staff and other users by providing necessary information and training to implement this continued improvement programme.
  • Periodically review our environmental control measures and arrangements.
  • Purchasing and using of products and services local to the hotel.