Pre Arrival Information

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The following information is to ensure that you make the most of your time at The Spa at Stanley House. Upon arrival you will be invited to complete a consultation form which includes medical and health questions. If you, or any of your guests, suffer with any conditions listed below you are advised to seek medical consent prior to your visit:

• Epilepsy or a history of epilepsy
• Diabetes
• Deep vein thrombosis or embolism, or a history of either conditions
• Cancer, or you are receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy
• Heart conditions or circulatory related conditions
• Joint, tendon or back problems
• Recent surgery
• High or low blood pressure
• Rheumatoid arthritis can be aggravated by heat and therefore it is recommended to seek General Practitioners advice prior to using heat experiences.

Please note that anyone who is contra-indicated will be requested to complete a disclaimer to accept full responsibility for any associated risks.

You will be asked to check in with the NHS Test and Trace app on your phone in the spa reception area, please ensure you have this downloaded prior to your visit. Should your phone not be compatible we can supply you with a paper version.

For pregnant guests we do not recommend thermal bathing during pregnancy. Treatments are adapted to suit individual needs after the first trimester. No treatments will be given during the first trimester of pregnancy.


The Spa at Stanley House is an adult space with a minimum age of 16 years. Please ensure that all your guests are fully aware of this to avoid disappointment and ID may be requested as proof of age.

*Booking an underage guest may result in a cancellation fee being charged.


We suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to relax and unwind whilst completing the necessary forms in Reception.

A late arrival may result in your scheduled experience duration being shortened.


Only valid gift vouchers issued by Stanley House Hotel & Spa may be redeemed in the Spa. Your gift vouchers must be handed in either on or before your arrival, otherwise an alternative method of payment will be required.


Refreshments are available on request and will be served at your convenience in Mr Fred’s Bar & Lounge.

Our menu of ‘Fred’s Favourites’ has been specially designed to ensure that you can enjoy some of Stanley House’s finest food, created and refined for your sensuous enjoyment and increased well-being.
If you, or your guests, have any special dietary requirements you must notify the Spa at least 24 hours in advance.

We recommend that lunch reservations should be made 24 hours in advance where possible, to avoid disappointment.


In line with our Covid-19 flexible cancellation policy, we request notification of cancellation by 3.00pm the day prior to arrival to prevent cancellation charges. We request all cancellations are sent through in writing to us via letter/ email or fax. For non-arrivals or cancellations providing less notice than 24 hours, the full amount of your reservation less Value Added Tax will be chargeable.


We recommend that you leave valuables or jewellery at home, as jewellery should not be worn during thermal bathing.

*The Spa at Stanley House accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any valuables or jewellery

We recommend that you book any additional treatments or Spa experiences in advance of your visit to avoid disappointment.

We reserve the right to change Spa treatments and appointment times when required.

We like to ensure that all of our guests enjoy a quiet, private, healthy and peaceful experience, we therefore ask that all guests refrain from using videos, cameras, mobile phones, i-pads or other devices that may be detrimental to the enjoyment of others. Smoking is not permitted in or around the Spa at Stanley House. This includes the entrance and the terraces.