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The delilah story

delilah was born out of friendship, a passion for cosmetics and the desire to help women of all ages to look and feel beautiful.
The team behind delilah is Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White.
Rupert spent many years in the industry as a make-up artist and Creative Director and has developed numerous award-winning cosmetics. Hannah has had a long career as a beauty buyer specialising in product development and working with some of the world’s most prestigious cosmetics manufacturers. Juliet, a photographer whose work has featured in The New York Times and Rolling Stone, brings her expertise in imagery, graphics and design to delilah.

“Our goal at delilah has always been to work with the most unique and luxurious spa in the UK. For us there was one particular location in the North West that we wanted to represent delilah, and that was the amazing Spa at Stanley House.
Women in Lancashire are discerning and expect the best, it was Stanley House’s attention to detail and service that made them the perfect partner for delilah. Not only do the products look great in such a beautiful location, we also knew that the highly experienced therapists could deliver a fantastic make up experience for all the Stanley House guests.
We aim to continue to expand the unique offerings from The Spa at Stanley house, from wedding make up to one-to-one Make up lessons, making the Treatment Menu from Stanley House one of the best in the North West.” Rupert Kingston, Founder