From this day forward

We have just paid our deposit, what happens now?

If you have selected a package which includes the services of our preferred partners, they will contact you shortly and invite you to meet them and discuss your wedding vision. As your wedding approaches we will help you with the selection of menus, drinks and those all important touches to make the day run smoothly, however you have our wedding checklist to consult for your non venue plans. With 3 months to go your planner will invite you to a ‘Final Details Meeting’ to finalise all those last minute details and arrange any ancillary items that may have been overlooked. A pro-forma invoice will then be issued for you to settle four weeks prior to your Wedding day

The contracts state that the prices may increase in an annual review, could you advise how likely this is?

We do conduct a price review of all packages every October. We do avoid increasing the rates once the budget has been set however there are influences beyond our control which may result in a slight increase. Should this happen you will be notified in writing.

I have had a letter advising that the prices are increasing, I thought I would be honoured the rates quoted when I booked?

I can advise that both within all event proposals and event contracts we do always state that:

All our rates are inclusive of VAT and are correct at the time of going to print,
however all rates are subject to a yearly review in October, with a price increase of approximately 5% each year.

With this in mind, our current published rates will be in excess of this revised price.

Do your prices include VAT?

All our rates are inclusive of VAT

What are your policies on us providing our own alcohol?

Whilst we do not allow you to bring your own alcohol, we may be able to stock your preferred beverages with advance notice. Should you wish to provide alcoholic favours, this would be acceptable however there would be a corkage fee incurred.

Please note: It is against hotel policy to allow vodka luges to be used during an event due to our inability to control the amounts of alcohol which would be consumed. Stanley House Hotel & Spa have a duty of care to your guests and will not allow for an activity to take place which may hinder their well being.

Please note: Should it be brought to the attention of Stanley House that your guests are consuming their own alcohol (not purchased from the relevant bar) such items will be confiscated and the relevant corkage charge will be applied to your account. Our Operations Manager will consult with you first to give you an opportunity to deal with your guests in question. If the matter is not resolved we will have no alternative but to charge accordingly.

Are there any plans for you to build / have further construction works?

At the time of writing there are no confirmed plans for future developments at Stanley House Hotel & Spa
We are however a family run businesses, who constantly seek opportunities to position the estate as a market leader.
There is an on-going investment in staff training and also in the maintenance of the property, inclusive of cosmetics and grounds. If a decision is reached that we are adding to the existing properties you will be notified immediately

I have read in the contract that we are to take out wedding insurance – do you have any recommendations?

You are correct that within the terms and conditions we state:
The Client must take out, pay for and maintain event insurance adequate to cover any claim arising out of the Contract and where the Hotel notifies the Client in Writing, the Client must produce a certificate of insurance as evidence of compliance with this clause.
We would recommend clicking on the following link to see the advice from the Money Saving Experts:

Can I pay by installments?

Absolutely. Should you wish to set up a standing order please ensure you use your name and date of event as a reference. Upon receipt of each payment you will receive confirmation in writing.
As a minimum we do require a 50% balance payment settled six months prior to your event date. An invoice equating to half of the contracted value, will be issued to you on confirmation of your reservation.
Please note: the charges are based on your minimum numbers and minimum package selected on your contract. Expected numbers are required approximately three months before your event date, of which will be reflected in your pro-forma invoice which is to be settled four weeks prior to your celebrations.

Is the deposit non-refundable?

Whilst the deposit is non-refundable, it may be possible to transfer to an alternative date if required.

What are your cancellation terms?

In addition to the Deposit and unless already paid, the following charges will be payable by the Client to the Hotel for any Contract cancelled by the Client. The Hotel will not accept third party cancellations and all cancellations from the Client must be received in writing by the Hotel. For the avoidance of doubt the qualifying dates for the purposes of calculating cancellation charges shall be the time between the date the notification was received by the Hotel in accordance with clause 3 above, and 09:00 on the Event Date.

No less than 12 full calendar months prior to the Event Date – Zero charge
Less than 12 full calendar months but no less than 6 months prior to the Event Date – 50% of the Estimated Price
Less than 6 full calendar months but no less than 3 months prior to the Event Date – 75% of the Estimated Price
Less than 3 full calendar months prior to the Event Date – 100% of the Estimated Price

Cancellation charges will be invoiced to the Client within seven (7) days of the Hotel receiving the cancellation in Writing, and payment of the invoice shall be made no later than fourteen (14) days following the date of the invoice. The Hotel makes no guarantee that any monies paid in accordance with this clause will be recovered by the Hotel; however, the Hotel will use its reasonable endeavours to re-sell the space on behalf of the Client and where it is successful a refund of any monies recovered in cleared funds shall be made to the Client within fourteen (14) days following the Wedding Date. Refund payments can only be made to the person(s) making the original payment(s) and shall not for the avoidance of doubt include a return of the Deposit.